Why is this Dfract™ Heart Effect Sunglasses FREE?

To celebrate our global launch and to establish our brand, we've teamed up with popular Social Media Channels to exclusively give away 100 Glasses for FREE to our customers! You only need to pay shipping & handling fees at checkout based on your location. We believe that this will create a special bond between the consumer and the buyer and will be great publicity through word of mouth. We will be only doing this giveaway for once so make sure you don't miss out! The price is going back to $89.95 once we run out of stock or when the timer hits zero!

Our  Dfract™ Heart Effect Sunglasses is the perfect gift for any EDM enthusiast.  

Due to high demand and a large volume of orders, please be patient for your order to arrive. If you have any questions regarding this print, we typically reply under 12 hours or less. Your order is carefully packaged in mailing tubes to guarantee safe delivery.